Launching and Loading Your Boat

Have you ever been ready to launch or load your boat but the person in front of you was taken forever to finish and get out of the way? I am dedicating this article to the inexperienced boater . We usually in the boaters community have a tight knit amongst each other. There is an code that we help one another when they are in need, but we seem to loose our patience when it comes to someone taking to long to launch or load their boat. I am taken it upon myself to let you know what you should be doing while waiting for others, and instruct you how to quickly get done when it is your turn. When you approach the boat ramp you may have a few people in front of you when you get there. You should use this time to prep your boat for launching. Release all your straps that have the boat secured to the trailer. Put the plug in and double check before you back down you have no idea how many people forget to do this lake norman boat ramps.

Whomever is in the boat for launching should be pumping the gas ball,turning on all electronics, and placing the fishing equipment in the appropriate spots. Make sure you unload everything you need out of the truck and have it put up so everyone can quickly enter the boat and make a speedy departure. I know you normally check your battery before you leave home but check again because sometimes those cables find a way to get loose, and turn on and off all your switches to make sure everything is working. By doing this if there is a problem you can attend to it before you launch your boat and you won’t be in the next persons way.

Now all you have to do is back your boat down. This is very simple but some make it harder than it really is. When backing if possible always back to your driver side. Pull up and once your trailer is straight start backing and remember whatever way you turn your wheels the trailer will go the opposite direction. Once you see the trailer going in the direction you want it slowly start turning your wheels in the opposite direction. This will keep you from going to far left or right which in turn will cause you to have to pull up and readjust we want to avoid this if possible.

Once the boat is in the water get it running and move it to the end of the dock so the next person can back down. While you are waiting for the person parking everyone else should already be in the boat. You have had a good day on the water and it is time to go home everybody is trying to leave at the same time so lets get in and out. You need to work as a team when you approach the dock send someone to get the truck while you and others prep the boat to be loaded. While you are waiting take out all the trash,and secure everything for the drive home. When it is your turn to load the boat it is your job to tell the person backing how far they need to come down.

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