Making Jewelry Is As Simple As 1-2-3

Who said that jewelry can only be made by professional jewelry makers? With gold, silver and precious gems, it should be done by professionals so as not to waste the material, but if you are going to use leather, ribbons, beads, charms, etc., you can do it yourself and still make it seem like it was done by a professional buy bracelet.

Know What You Want to Do

You have to have an idea of what you want your jewelry to turn out. From there, you can pick out the materials that you would need, keeping in mind the cost and the time it will take you to finish one item. What I will be discussing below is making bracelet jewelry made up of beads, elastic threads, charms, and your imagination.

The Materials

For this kind of project, you will need an elastic thread. This usually comes with different colors, and many craft stores also have gold and silver to make your bracelet more elegant. You can also use leather strips and thin ribbons.

You will need beads and charms to add to your bracelet. Alphabet beads are also a good idea and are better used for a more customized bracelet.

Do not forget your pair of scissors.

The Directions

Measure the length of the bracelet you want made. At one end of the elastic thread, slip in a bead and tie the end, making sure that the bead will not fall off. From here, you can add in the other beads alternating with the little charms. Only your imagination can limit you as to how you want your homemade bracelet to look.

If you are going to use the alphabet beads, you can add them in one by one with a smaller bead in between or you can just string them together. Just keep in mind though that before you secure the ends together you have spelled your name right!

Before tying the ends together, place the same kind of bead you used in the first part of the project. Make sure though that the length of the bracelet fits you snugly. It should not be too tight or it will compromise your circulation or too loose that your bracelet will fall off. Then, tie the two ends of the elastic thread together.

Cut off the remaining thread for a finished look.

Jewelry Making as a Hobby and a Business

Now that you have finished making your bracelet, you can experiment with other styles and designs, and you have books and the Internet for a wider designs and materials options. You can even order the materials that you want to use from their websites. Jewelry does not mean precious metals and precious stones alone. Simple materials can be used also.

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