Acne Sufferers – Look Into Kefir and Kombucha

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could clear your acne up overnight? Wouldn’t it be nice if you found some magic cream that would leave you with beautiful skin? Of course it would! I myself would love to find a bottle of “specially formulated” acne potion that would leave me with clear, smooth, acne free skin Kefir Grains.

Whether its microdermabrasion, toners, lotions, harsh creams, acids, or dermatologist recommended, we have all seem the amazing claims that these companies will make about how their formula is the one that works. I can assure you that these products will not work for 85% + of acne sufferers. You may have even tried some of these products hoping for a miracle. So have I… I purchased so many acne products I can’t even name them all. Time after time, I got suckered into buying some lame acne product because the price was right, or they showed testimonials, etc. They were all marketing schemes that big companies designed to take our money! After so many disappointments, I got angry. I got really angry and I decided I was going to find the answer to cure my acne, once and for all!

First I conducted numerous surveys to see what worked for other people. I discovered that there was nothing that really worked for most of the people I surveyed. Their results using typical acne products showed minimal improvement at best. A lot of them even got worse or showed no difference in their skin. These people, just like me, were still looking for the “magic cream” that would truly make a difference.

Then I personally tested almost 50 of so-called acne treatments. While on these treatments, I frequently suffered:

• Skin irritation
• Redness
• Peeling
• New breakouts
• Itchiness
• Raw skin
• Burn-like effects
• Dryness
• Scaly skin
• Heavy oil production & shine 3 hours after washing

I finally realized that most topical acne treatments you see on TV or in the drugstore DO NOT WORK! Not just for me, but for many others as well.

After much more experimenting and months of research I finally found a few products that work! I was thrilled with the difference in my skin. I felt like I had waited a lifetime for smooth skin and I finally had it. My friends and family were stunned. I shared with them my finds and the ones who followed the same system as me saw amazing results as well.

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